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#1 Career College Football profit leader! 82-48 ATS career record on MAX RATED NCAAF PODs! NFL and College discounted for the rest of the season!

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#1 College Football Handicapper - Career Profit - Full Season Package!

Every Handicapper has their niche sport and college football belong to Freddy Wills!  Freddy solely concentrates on the football season, and only football.  He is our current career profit leader and has profited in 7 of 8 college football seasons including 34.21% last year.

WHAT TO EXPECT?  A yearly $10,000 investor who rolls his investment over (like you would in a 401K) has $348,411 in their account with a net profit of $268,411 over 8 seasons combined!  A $5,000 investor has a net profit of $134,205.53.  There is nobody better than Freddy out there for college football.   

Not comfortable playing 5-7 games on a Saturday. Simply play Freddy's Top Plays or POD's which have an average yearly ROI of 22.68% over 8 years with just 1 losing season of -4.92%.  CAREER 96-57 ATS ON MAX RATED PLAY OF DAYS!  THAT'S 63% AGAINST THE SPREAD WINNERS for 5.5% MAX RATING PLAYS!

Diversify your portfolio and invest with me today!  

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MLB Season Subscription
**2x Top 10 MLB handicapper!**

This subscription includes EVERY MLB PREMIUM PICK I release through the end of the World Series! Join now and start cashing in on more winners!

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NFL & CFB Season Pass of Freddy Wills

Get EVERY football selection made by this handicapper for the ENTIRE season! Don't miss out on a single college football or NFL pick released this year for ONE LOW PRICE!

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NFL Season Package - Only $599 - NFL Top Play $78K career profit!

We are 4-2 ATS through 6 weeks on our MAX RATED NFL POD's!  As you know from our college plays where we have gone 63% over our career! Enjoy my full season of NFL play of the days!  I don't have as good of a history in NFL as I do in college in overall success - only 1 top 5 finish in the handicapping Archive (2010), but I make up for it on my signature POD's that have produced a 7.4% ROI in my 6 year career with OVER $78,006 PROFIT FOR $1,000 bettors.  I release very few of these so if you are the type that like to play low volume big $$ plays this package is right for you!  Follow all of my TOP PLAYS and profit big and increase your ROI. Over my 7 year career I have averaged 115 plays per year.  The season package makes it worth your while at just $5.20 PER PICK!  Check out my college football package at just $4.63/pick.

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Season Awards: This network is one of the most competitive network of handicappers with over 90 professional experts.  2009 & 2011 I was the #2 handicapper for the entire year!  I also have had several top 10 finishes including, #1 NCAAF 2009, #1 NCAAF 2011, #2 MLB 2009, #5 NFL 2010, #6 NCAAF 2013, #7 NCAAB 2012, and #10 MLB 2011.   

My Promise To You: All of my information is 100% backed by a guarantee and is fully researched and supported by my in depth analysis for your betting confidence. I personally bet these plays too so it is only fair you understand my logic.

Who Am I: I have been wagering on sports for more than a decade and I've been doing it professionally for 5 years. In 2008 I started my own service and have been earning my clients an impressive return on investment which is solidified by multiple national handicapping season awards for MLB and College Football. This is something I take very seriously. That is why every single recommendation I make comes with a full in depth analysis for your betting confidence. I want you to know my logic behind ever one of my picks.

Best Moments: In 2011 I predicted Iowa State +28.5 over Oklahoma State on a Friday night, but not only did I predict and play the spread I also predicted Iowa State to win the game outright as a 22:1 under dog. Iowa State won in over time to shock the nation and knock Oklahoma State out of the BCS National Championship race. Aside from that I have profited in every single of every sport on my signature play of the day's (POD's).

My Motto: "The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare."