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*SPECIAL* Burns' Puck-Line Big Juice Personal Favorite!

Sometimes it pays to lay some extra to get an extra +1.5 insurance goals to work with. Ben Burns has long been a master at exploiting exactly these type of situations. Hop on board!


If you're looking to HIT THE SACK AS A WINNER, Mike's got you covered. As a former poker pro his analytic mindset is letting him know when the odds are in his favor. He's digging deep in his bag of tricks and has come up with a SURE WINNER!


AAA Sports has always been a fan of the phrase: “Sometimes a favorite is a favorite for a reason”; that phrase could not be more apt in this particular situation, AAA is UNLOADING on a home side favorite which is about to lay a DEVASTATING upper-body check on its over-matched opponent! Go TOP SHELF!

Razor's 7* NHL Friday Eastern Conference CA$H! *15-8 Run!*

Razor Ray continues to produce CONSISTENT PROFITS on the ice and carries a STELLAR 15-8 (65%) NHL run into Friday's action! The Florida Panthers host the Ottawa Senators in an Eastern Conference affair and the Razor is set to capitalize on a SOFT LINE set by the oddsmakers! Another winning play is just a click away!

Rogers 10* Coach's Clinic PERFECT 7-0 L7 NHL RUN!

ROGERS RED HOT ON THE ICE! "The Coach" has cashed in an INCREDIBLE 51-27 NHL YTD, but it's his long term numbers that are really IMPRESSIVE!

He's shown profits of more than +$44,000 with All NHL the last 3 seasons.  Another EPIC RUN is imminent, are you in?

Doc’s NHL Friday Slap Shot

Doc’s Sports has a low odds winner on Friday night from the NHL that you do not want to miss. Jump on board now as this play is money in the bank and backed y 43 years of handicapping experience. 

Jim Feist's NHL 3-Team Powerhouse Pounder - Saturday!

The only thing better than winning is WINNING 3 TIMES! Jim Feist has 3 big NHL winners for Saturday, 3 sides, including an NHL Shocker of the Week and a Home Ice Crusher! A trio of hockey games that will rip the books three times! Don't delay, clean up at the window with Jim's NHL 3-Team Powerhouse Pounder and get set to cash 3 TIMES!