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Burns' 10* BLUE CHIP!

Ben Burns has long been known for his "totals expertise. Ben's highest rated totals come with his coveted 10* BLUE CHIP RATING. Sharps know exactly what to do when they see one of these POWERFUL TICKETS. They don't ask questions. They simply hop on board and enjoy the ride!

"The Coach's" NHL Total DOMINATION

When Will Rogers stamps a play with *10* top of the ticket status, sharps don't ask question, they simply get on board and buckle up for another easy winner! "The Coach" has uncovered a fantastic totals opportunity on Tuesday, one so powerful that it's garnered his highest possible ranking - join Rogers' ALL STARS today!


If you're looking to JUMP-START your week with a BIG winning card, there's no question that you've come to the right place! AAA Sports looks to BURY THE BOOKS on Tuesday night, his TOP THREE NHL picks are bundled into this one ALL INCLUSIVE ticket and the only question left is...ARE YOU READY TO DESTROY YOUR MAN?! Break out the brooms!

AAA's 10* *Habs/Sens* Game 4 BLOCKBUSTER!

After going 25-15 +$5,500 with ALL of his NHL Playoff picks last year, AAA Sports is ABSOLUTELY DESTROYING the books once again in the Postseason and he looks to keep the momentum rolling in Game 4, can Montreal close the deal, or does the pesky homeside find a way to extend the series?! The 10* answer just a click-a-way!

Red Dog Sports 10' NHL UNDERDOG

-Red Dog Sports has a 10' NHL UNDERDOG going Tuesday night for just $19.99.

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Mike's 10* NHL *HOT SHOT* TB@DET

This package contains a Top Rated 10* plays for all you HOT SHOTS out there! If you're looking to pick up the BEST NHL PLAY of the night, look no further as Mike is back on the ice with yet another winner. INVEST in one of our top handicappers NOW and prepare to RAKE IN THE CASH. 

Game of the Year *NHL* - Schule's Top Rated *BLOCKBUSTER*

**WARNING** Schule's NHL plays are known to cause increased heart rate and an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Playing these on a regular basis can result in an increase of disposable cash and can cause your bankroll to swell uncontrollably. It is not recommended to participate in these wagers if you have any allergic reactions to COLD HARD CASH!

Jim Feist's NHL 3-Team Powerhouse Pounder - Tuesday!

Jim Feist's last NHL 3-Team Powerhouse Pounder was Saturday, a 3-0 sweep, cashing with the Blues, Ducks and Penguins/NY Rangers over the total! Jim has 3 more big NHL winners for Saturday, 1 side and a pair of High Roller totals. A trio of hockey games that will rip the books three times! Don't delay, clean up at the window with Jim's NHL 3-Team Powerhouse Pounder and get set to cash 3 TIMES! 

Jim Feist's NHL Playoff Dog of the Year - Tuesday!

Jim Feist nailed his NHL Dog of the Year back in December when +130 Winnipeg beat Minnesota, 4-3. There's a one-sided shocker in the NHL Playoffs Tuesday where matchups and trends mean the WRONG team is favored! This is a superstar high end play from Jim Feist, worthy of Game of the Year status. Get set to pack your pockets with extra green with this NHL Playoff Dog of the Year and check your man into the boards TONIGHT!